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Freundliches Glücke_Cover
Freundliches Glücke, Süsseste Liebe
Freundliches Glücke, Süsseste Liebe (Kind Joy, Sweetest Love) Baroque Songs and Duets Nuria Rial (Soprano), Jan Börner (Countertenor) Ensemble Il Profondo In this album the two renowned singers Nuria Rial and Jan Börner present a very...
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BUNDLE – Arias for Domenico Annibali & La Pazza
BUNDLE – Arias for Domenico Annibali & La Pazza
Two outstanding Solo-CDs of countertenor Flavio Ferri-Benedetti: BUNDLE – Arias for Domenico Annibali & La Pazza only available here! CD-booklets in German and English; Songtexts in Italian with translations into German and English (also...
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RN-10002 Cover
absorta est...
absorta est... von Zuversicht und Seligkeit Ensemble Il Profondo & Countertenor Jan Börner mit Frühkantaten und Geistlichen Konzerten des 17. Jahrhunderts Mai 2014 - Im ehemaligen Kapuzinerkloster Solothurn in der Nordwestschweiz finden...
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La Pazza
Il Profondo & Flavio Ferri-Benedetti Early baroque Italian music - Madness and Insanity Music by Monteverdi, Ferrari, Strozzi, Francesca Caccini, D'India, Trabaci and Del Buono World premiere of a newly discovered piece "La Pazzia"...
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